Sunday, February 11, 2007

Brand new book on RMAN Backup & Recovery out!

Finally it has been published:
the ultimat RMAN book for Oracle 10g
by M. Hart & R. Freeman!

I have been waiting for the 10g version of the book since quite a while already.
It was one of the very good books for Oracle 9i and I can tell you that the new one is as good.

ISBN: 0072263172 / 9780072263176
What I like most about the book:
- It contains a number of workshop for advanced recovery scenarios and
points out all these RMAN functionalities which are much too less used and know like BLOCK RECOVERY, PROACTIVE CHECKING FOR CORRUPT BLOCKS and so on.
- it has good index
- it contains info about memory utilization of RMAN for tuning

The book also covers new 10g features, such as Flashback, Transportable Tablespaces Cross Platform ...

It is a must for everybody who needs to know how RMAN works and how to utilize it to the max.

Table of contents
Part I: Getting Started with RMAN in Oracle Database 10g
Chapter 1: Oracle Database 10g Backup and Recovery Architecture Tour
Chapter 2: Introduction to the RMAN Architecture
Part II: Setup Principles and Practices
Chapter 3: RMAN Setup and Configuration
Chapter 4: Media Management Considerations Chapter
5: Oracle Secure Backup
Chapter 6: Enhancing RMAN with VERITAS NetBackup for Oracle Chapter
7: Configuring EMC NetWorker Module for Oracle Chapter
8: RMAN and Tivoli Storage Manager
Part III: Using RMAN Effectively Chapter
9: RMAN Backups Chapter
10: RMAN Restore and Recovery Chapter
11: Using Oracle Enterprise Manager for Backup and Recovery Chapter
12: RMAN Advanced Recovery Topics Chapter
13: Surviving User Errors: Flashback Technologies Chapter
14: Maintaining RMAN Chapter
15: Monitoring and Reporting on RMAN Chapter
16: Performance Tuning RMAN Backup and Recovery Operations
Part IV: RMAN in the Oracle Ecosystem
Chapter 17: Duplication: Cloning the Target Database
Chapter 18: RMAN and Data Guard
Chapter 19: RMAN and Real Application Clusters
Chapter 20: RMAN in Sync and Split Technology
Chapter 21: RMAN in the Workplace: Case Studies
Part V: Appendixes
Appendix A: RMAN Syntax Reference Guide
Appendix B: Exploring the Recovery Catalog
Appendix C: Setting Up an RMAN Test Environment



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