Sunday, February 25, 2007


This week I have delivered my INSIDE ORACLE special seminar for the first time.
The seminar is a two day event which deals with Oracle 10g key features and upgrade issues.
I had 18 delegates with different backgrounds who were highly interested in memory management, new performance tuning techniques and backup strategies.
In between the paticipants had the opportunity to test some of the features hands on in the seminar room where we had a munber of system instaled with Oracle 10g database.
I have received a number of emails with very positive feedback in the meentime.
This seminar is available internationnally from now on and I already have the first bookings for it.
In May I will be delivering in Germany and Turkey and Greece hopefully as well.
And there are other talks going on in the background at the moment.


At Sun Feb 25, 08:23:00 PM, Blogger HP Fuchs said...

Do you deliver those seminars in the name of Oracle University or sysdba database consulting?

I ask because it would be great to attend an 11g new features for DBAs seminar next year with you as a teacher. The Oracle University course material helps a lot when preparing for OCP exams. In case you wont deliver Oracle University courses anymore: which Skripts do you use?

At Sun Feb 25, 10:49:00 PM, Blogger lutz_hartmann said...

yes I have delivered for OU. I have created much of the courseware myself although.

I am already preparing for an 11g special and I would like to get to know you some time, maybe on the seminar?
By the way my website is ready for looking at it. It is nothing special, but you can see which courses I will proibably deliver and you can book a course directely on my site:


At Mon Feb 26, 09:20:00 AM, Blogger HP Fuchs said...

You are preparing an 11g Course? How is that? 11g hasn't been released yet. Do you have access to 11g already? Couldn't you post something about it? Probably you are constrainted by an NDA...

At Mon Feb 26, 12:31:00 PM, Blogger lutz_hartmann said...

Yes, but I am working on BETA of course right now. BUt I cannot tell too much about it yet.
But I already prepare the first demos and will publish about it soon.
So keep on reading th eblog and look out for special 11g seminars.


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