Friday, November 17, 2006

Teaching CERN how to pump the data

This week I deliver a special training in Geneva for a bunch of DBAs from the CERN.
These guyes are really special.

They are always a few steps ahead with their questions.
Very advanced students! They really give me a hard time.
And we have a lot of fun.
Of course they are more interested in the internals and the background than in GUIs, which makes it more challenging and more fun to teach them.

They told me that CERN is stiil in the testing phase and their large databases are in the terabytes at the moment.

Once they will go life with the experiments they will have databases in the petabytes range.
Of course they use ASM for the storage because they have periodes of very high high volume throughput. They also use Grid Control and of course everything is clustered at the CERN. Only RAC databases with 6 nodes for each cluster.
Today I will demonstrate the datapump and ASM and how to migrate a database into an ASM storage with RMAN.


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