Thursday, October 26, 2006

My perfomance tuning workshop

Today I have delivered a specially tailored workshop in Zurich.
A few weeks ago Tom Kyte had delivered a Q&A session for a bunch of DBAs when he was in Zurich. I was booked for today to deliver a follow up as a workshop in order to discuss some details on memory management in Oracle database 10g.
We had a close look at ASMM (Automatic Shared Memory Management), Automatic PGA Management and the use of temporary tablespaces and temporary tablespace groups in Oracle 10g.
I had compiled specially tailored courseware from different Oracle University courses, such as the New Features for 10g Adminstrator, 10g Performance Tuning and some white papers and metalink notes.
I was teaching a group of about 15 DBAs who are very experienced and deal with very large systems of sizes in the 10s of terabytes.
We also had some very interesting discussions on some features which can cause headaches when upgrading to Oracle 10g, such as bind variable peeking, system statistics, and automatic statistics gathering and its possible effects.


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