Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tom Kyte @ Oracle Education Switzerland

Yesterday Tom Kyte flew into Zurich from Paris.
He will stay for three days to deliver a number of special trainings and lectures.
After a Q&A-session at the UBS bank in Zurich I took him over to Baden where he delivered a lecture about the importance of "instrumentation" of code and the possible methods of instrumenting your code in an Oracle environment both in the database (stored procedures) as well as outside the database (java, C, VB and the like).
The demo I liked best yesterday was about the usage of the package dbms_monitor. With this demo he pointed out how important it is that the devleopers use the possible instruments to hand over client information (through all middle tiers) into the database in order to enable the DBA to trace back (through all middle tiers) who exactely did what (in the browser). This a package I also show in my "Oracle 10g New Features For Administrators" classes.

Today and tomorrow Tom Kyte will
deliver a number of lectures
at a special event of Oracle Education
at the Zurich Development Center.


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