Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Harald van Breederode training the trainers

Harald van Breederode,
a blind trainer from the Netherlands,
delivered a training on RAC installation
and also a special one on storage configurations
like SAN NAS and ASM today .
This was a very impressing lecture because
Harald is a very knowledgeable teacher who has
been delivering trainigs on RAC since 4 years
and also has been a UNIX administrator for
a long time as well.

The training is held in his classroom and it is really amazing how he can navigate though the location and how he even uses the whiteboard and develops complex pictures on it without seeing anything.
This picture shows his special braille display. It has 80 left and 80 right mice buttons. And he uses a voice synthesizer to get the powerpoints read out to him. Which is done in a speed that nobody else but him can follow.

This picture shows him demonstrating
his special equipment to us.


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