Friday, June 02, 2006

SQL Server World Wide Usergroup want money from me to read my own article!!!

I cannot believe it!
I just found a link to my article about flashback any error in oracle 10gR2 on the web.
It leads you to the site of the so called "SQL Server Worldwide Usergroup".
There you can pay to have access to my article,
which you of course can access for free an my blog, it is right here.
I had written this article for the Swiss Oracle Usergroup Newsletter where it was published at the beginnig of 2006.
Is it legal anyway, to just copy my article? Can I screw them?
If you know anything about the legal situation with such cases pls inform me through this blog by comment or email.

What a strange habit!
These people take my article and try to make money with it.
I guess that you can find almost any article they have there for free on the web,
but only if you know how to browse the web of course.


At Fri Jun 02, 03:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I can see, they haven't copied the article, they're just putting up the summary and sending people to your site to read it if they want.

At Fri Jun 02, 03:51:00 PM, Anonymous Stephen Wynkoop said...

Hi Lutz,

I'm with SSWUG.ORG - just wanted to drop you a note that we're not republishing your article, we're letting people know about it and sending them to your site to read it. Part of what we do is to find content and make sure our membership knows about it.

Of course if you'd rather we didn't promote your article, let me know ( and I'd be happy to remove the article reference from the site.

If you'd like an account on sswug to see how it all works (along with the other resources on the site, many of which are open access), just let me know.

Have a great day!

Stephen Wynkoop


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