Friday, June 23, 2006

Heading back to Zurich

After three days of New Features
with a very nice group of very
highly skilled DBAs in London.

It was strange for me to switch to English English
after almost four weeks of American English.
Also I had to deal with people of a very
different mentality compared to the New Yorkers
and even more compared to the San Francisco People.

I will fly back to Zurich today.
The foto shows Juliet,. Phil,
David, Maulya,
Rajen, Rob and Pratab and me
at an Asian restaurant in London.

Ian Burgess

And again I got to know a very nice collegue
who I want to say thank you
to for being so very caring and helpful to me
when I felt so lost and locked out in a bazar location.
You are a real good fellow, Ian Burgess.


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