Sunday, June 11, 2006

Heading back to Europe

Yesterday I had a last meal with the two project managers of the
Real Application Cluster course who have delivered the
RAC 10g pilot class for release 2, Jean-Francois Verrier and Jim Womack.
The foto shows J.F., Jim, my very dear collegue from Düsseldorf Michael Cebulla and me on Friday after we had gone to the movy theaters (Da Vinci Code) and had dinner together afterwards.

I am at SanFrancisco Airport right now,
waiting for my flight to Munich to depart.
Have just waved goddbye to Michael at the gate. He is on his way back to Düsseldorf already now.

I was so happy to find Michael in San Francisco also attending the same RAC pilot class with me. We had a fun time for five days.


At Mon Jun 12, 09:18:00 AM, Blogger Alex Gorbachev said...

Greetings to Michael Cebulla - he delivered us 10g New Features course back in the Fall 2005.

At Thu Jun 22, 08:59:00 AM, Blogger lutz_hartmann said...

Hi Alex, I have handed your greetings over to Michael.


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