Friday, May 12, 2006

Jonathan Lewis Event in Zurich May 2006

I am so lucky that I made it to Zurich in time and can take part in this very special session at least.

Jonathan Lewis delivers a very highly condensed presentation in a two day event.
The first day, which I missed most of, what a pity!, was about INDEXING STRATEGIES.
Today he speakes about TROUBLE-SHOOTING and TUNING.

There are about 40 people attending.
Again Oracle Education chose this fantastic

ZURICH DEVELOPMENT CENTER as location for the event.

Jonathan made a very funny "demo of ORACLE 11g"
which he faked, and I believe most of us believed he already had access to the next release. Look at this, it's Oracle 11g but it is faked , dont't believe what you see here!

He "demonstrated" something he called HAL
(stands for Heuristic Algorythmic Linguistic:

=> sees what happened
=> worksout what to do next
=> tells you all about it)
and was "implemented" through a hint /*+go_faster*/

This was really fun!

One lucky attendee won a huge model of the Oracle yacht which was taking part the last Americas Cup.

Every attendee got a copy of Jonthan Lewis' latest book on the CBO.


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