Thursday, May 11, 2006

Iselin NJ Event part 2

Yesterday I have finished my special Class in New Jersey education center.
These guyes again gave me a hard time , trying to even be harder than their collegues in Chicago last week.

It was a group of also very experienced DBAs
and we had a fun time.
These are Ying, Mark, Alex, Miguel, Mangerh,
Sridhar and me on the last day

In the New Jersey Oracle Education Center
I got to know a very nice collegue of mine from Dallas.
His name is Lester Wells.
He delivered a Grid Control class there.
Thanks for being a light in the dark for me Lester!

Right after the event I headed for Kennedy Airport

and left for Zurich.

On the plane was a large group of orthodox Jews
who all of a sudden assembled in the middle of the plane
for praying.

Having arrived in Zurich I headed directely to the
Zurich Development Centerin order not to miss
Jonathan Lewis.

I will report in my next post.


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