Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Right after I had arrived from New Jersey I delivered a short training at a very special event which Credit-Suisse had aranged.
They had hired a ship on the Lake Zurich and invited their top DBAs to come and cruise Oracle for one day.

I had the first 30 minute slot and talked about New Features of RMAN in Orcale 10gR2.

All together there were five speakers on this event
amoung others
Christina Antonigni,

who talked about Automatic Segment Space Management

and Jonathan Lewis

who flew in by helicopter so that he could make it in time from his Indexing and Troubleshooting Seminar at the Zurich Development Center. He was picked up by the boat on the way.

Jonathan Lewis talked about the propper usage of V$ and X$-Views.

I got to know Lutz Fröhlich, who is an ORACLE 9i CERTIFIED MASTER and was recently hired by CS. He is the leader of the DWH-team now. Sorry, but I forgot to take a picture


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