Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beautiful Bern

This week I was in Bern, the capital of Switzerland for two days. I have delivered a specially condensed New Features training there.

Bern is one of the most charming cities I have visited .

I was happy to see that not much damage
is left from the great flood last year.


At Thu May 25, 06:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luzern is even more beautiful than Bern.

I hope you will deliver the Administration II Course next week in Zurich ;-)

At Sun Jun 25, 03:28:00 PM, Blogger lutz_hartmann said...

Hi anonymous(why anonymous),
yes Luzern is a very beautiful city as well. I just went there for a day off recently.

Sorry for not responding earlyer to you r comment, it must have slipped though somehow. I could not deliver the DBA II, I was delivering in New York at that time, which was an adventure for me as you can imagine.
Hopefully they have found somebody else to deliver a good course for you.


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