Friday, April 28, 2006


ORACLE has announced general availability of its new Media Management Server Oracle Secure Backup and Oracle Secure Backup Express.

This is Oracle's new tape backup management software, delivering secure, high performance network tape backup for Oracle databases and file systems.
With Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) you can not only backup database files but also the entire ORACLE stack including
- application servers
- collaboration suites
as well as OS-file systems.

OSB is capable of discovering tape libraries which are available within a so called administrative doamin (which you define), it can handle barcode readers and change tapes and you can use it to backup any maschine on which either an OSB client is running or an NDMP-demon (network data management protocol) is started.
OSB is strongly integrated with RMAN and can be accessed
- through a web interface
- a command line tool
- enterprise manager

For more info pls see the following locations:
The official announcement is here.
The product description can be found here.
Technical information for DBAs and Developers can be found here.
A white paper about OSB on OTN is here.
OSB on OTn is here.


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