Friday, April 21, 2006

Jonathan Lewis, the master of the cost based optimizer

I am reading the latest book by Jonathan Lewis, Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals right now.
It is a compilation of all the in depth knowlege about the Cost-Based Optimizer we have been looking for since ages.
And it covers the history of the CBO from ORACLE 8i until ORACLE 10g.

It is really amazing how Jonathan Lewis explains, step by step,
what the CBO is all about and how it works.
And this in a way which can be understood even by non-insider-gurus,
although he really goes into details.
Jonathan Lewis encourages the reader to try the examples from the book practically in real life and find out what happens. The sample code is available for download from the apress site.

As Tom Kyte wrote in the foreward of the book:
"The insight that Jonathan provides into the working of the CBO will make a DBA a better designer and a developer a better SQL coder. Both groups will become better troubleshooters".

I can only recommed this book to everybody who has to deal with ORACLE performance issues.
It will be worth the money.

I am really looking foreward to meeting Jonathan Lewis in Zurich on May 11th.-12th.
where he will deliver some very special trainings about troubleshooting and indexing.
For everybody who might be interested in taking part in this event, here is the info about bookings.


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