Thursday, March 30, 2006

SOUG yearly meeting 2006

I'm delivering a 9i DBA part I class in Bern this week.
We skweaze the 5 day contents into 4 days,
so that I could take part at the yerly meeting of the
Swiss Oracle User Group on March 29th.2006 in Baden.
It took place at the ABB.

They have this impressing fountain at the ABB.
I enjoyed to watch it very much.


I was surprised to meet so many people whome I know from my trainings. It was fun to meet again in such an event. Specially dinner with a guy from Latin America who had im pressed me in a programing class about a year ago withhis capability to transform questings into SQL-statements straight away without having to think a lot. He had given me a hard time then and I had to invent new chestings again and again in order to no let him get bored.
It's a pitty, I forgot to take a picture of him.

There were a number of very interesting trainings delivered about real life projects like the first experiences with Grid Control in large enterprises as the UBS,...

... the does and don'ts in an implementation of STREAMS

...and topics like security, LDAP & OID, DBMS_SCHEDULER...

I delivered a 90 minute training about the New Backup Strategy with RMAN in Oracle 10g, see my previouse post


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